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Dujinis degiklis su žarna ir antgaliais | 1500~1800°C (73340)

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Prekės kodas: 73340


Product description
The basic set of short roof burners intended for typical work related to laying thermo-weldable roofing paper. The set includes a handle with a economical work valve lever, a hose with connections for the cylinder and handle, and three flame nozzles for intensive heating or tanning. These burners, as very versatile, find a variety of applications in many industries.

• Number of goblets of burners - 3
• Cup size [mm] - 25; 35; 40
• Nominal gas supply pressure [MPa] - 1.2
• Flame temperature [ºC] - 1500-1800
• Nominal stream [g / h] - 2000
• Thermal load [kW] - 19.5
• Hose length [m] - 2
• Torch length (without hose length) [mm] - 360
Purpose / Use
Gas burners are designed for heating, drying and roofing work. Thanks to the power supply using a bottle with compressed butane (it is also possible to supply a mixture of propane and butane gas) it is possible to work in places without energy sources.
The device should be installed in accordance with the operating instructions. Tighten the hose to the assembled device. Connect the other end of the hose to the gas bottle.
Check tightness of connections by slightly unscrewing the cylinder valve, then apply soap water to the connections. In case of gas bubbles, turn off the gas supply and tighten the leaky connections. Repeat the procedure until complete gas tightness is ensured

Unscrew the gas valve in the cylinder and then unscrew the valve of the device, but only enough to allow the gas outlet. Ignite the gas at the outlet of the cup. To do this, use a special lighter designed to ignite portable gas burners. After about 20 seconds, press the lever of the burner). If the flame is too short, set the gas pressure using the burner valve. After releasing the lever, the flame returns to the saving mode.
After finishing work, close the cylinder valve and then, after the flame is extinguished, set aside the burner on the non-flammable substrate to cool down. After cooling, proceed with maintenance.

Details of assembly, operation and maintenance of the device in the enclosed operating instructions.
Contents of the package
• Burner (G3 / 8 "-19)
• 2 m hose (G3 / 8 "-19, 21.8-14)
• Burners 25mm, 35mm, 50mm
Technical data
Index number 73340
EAN 5906083733406
Brand Vorel
Gross weight (kg) 1.3500
Pal 210

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